Flooding in north of England – solution: do as Romans did

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Picture of article: a letter to the Editor of The Yorkshire Post from author, Gwen Hullah regarding combating floods the Roman way

Uncomfortable television viewing, the deluge sweeping through our towns, villages and neighbouring people’s houses and businesses while washing away roads and bridges within the north of England (November 2019)

There is a solution, a workable solution to this devastating disturbance of nature as history shows – “ Do as the Romans did !! ” – Ancient proof still exists to this day through local knowledge passed on through generations of families


The Roman solution to prevent floods of destruction was to “fork” a natural stream or river by manually directing one of the two divides to flow away from communities, proprietors of properties and agricultural land

Furthermore, after each deluge, each waterway was cleared of the build-up of slurry and debris. A safeguard against “flash flood” disasters

My grandfather and father, John and Thomas (Tommy) Hullah, farmed, Hole Bottom Farms, Dacre Banks, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, for many years; where two streams – one either side of the adjoining farms – flowed peacefully on meeting, but during continuous rainfall, clashed – bursting their banks before roaring away beneath the (listed) superior constructed three arched Roman bridge built beneath the cart-road, (a hidden gem) to join the original stream which eventually flowed into the River Nidd

==>> The above text written by Gwen Hullah was printed in The Yorkshire Post newspaper – letters to the Editor – on Friday August 16 2019, regarding the then floods of Reeth, Grinton and Flemington

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