Farmers, Steve and Jeanie Green renew wedding vows at their home farm; aired on #TheYorkshireVet TV programme Channel 5


Thirsk Farmers, Steve and Jeanie Green, renew their wedding vows after 40 years of wedded lovejoy on their home farm, aired on The Yorkshire Vet TV programme channel 5

It was with sheer delight we viewed Steve and Jean Green renewing their wedding vows after 40 years of pure lovejoy on their home farm, near Thirsk. Yorkshire.

By tradition, the nature of farming family weddings, goes something like this … they are expected to be lengthy concerns with relatives and friends – even those previously cut off from family photographs, gatherings where food is not meant to be exotic but meant to do you good.

But where today’s difference lies in the course of Steve and Jean’s lifetime farming, they still uphold the old traditional ways of raising crops and livestock which sadly began to disappear after the Second World War, replaced by intensive and commercial farming.

So, take these daughters and sons of Adam as they are – salty, gritty and earthy individuals, who amongst many handed-down methods, believe in serving the sacred Yorkshire pudding as a separate course as a deterrent to curtail the profuse meat-eaters’ appetite. This is not meanness. This is thrift.

And our thanks to all concerned with and within “The Yorkshire Vet” programme, who invite the viewers to “not” see farmers as they have known them, as actors of The Darling Buds of May, or as listeners of The Archers.

If our ancesterol history is not “set-down” it will be lost forever.

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