Pateley Show, Nidderdale (The Last of the Seasons)

The past explains the present:

Pateley Agricultural Show, traditionally held on the last Monday of September, when haytime is over and more often than not – this weekday brings rain!

Pateley Bridge, where dalesfolk concern themselves with the past and present – an ancient market town in the upper dale, whereon – for well over six centuries there had been a Saturday cattle market alongside locally produced provisions. A place where a farmer could sell one beast on its own and find bidders. The original market charter included a September feast (fairground) travellers with caravans, stalls and musical roundabouts, the latter, still prevailing and more likely than not – intermittent rain

Picture of Pateley Bridge in the rain by Baz Richardson and posted on

Afternoon Delight

Which brings my mind back to years ago, when Irene (sister) and I were asked by Father to call on our nearest neighbours, Alf and Peggy Simpson who farmed at Banjor Farm – the message: When would it be convenient to use their ‘dipping trough’ – a compulsory yearly ruling of dipping sheep in strong disinfection to rid their fleeces of ticks and morks before sheering …

While sauntering up our fields, we became aware of a drizzle turning to rainfall. We ran to the adjoining field sty to shelter beneath the Holly and Mountain Ash trees. Whilst sitting astride the stone wall, we noticed half of the top-stones looked dark grey while the other half looked light grey. Looking skywards, we witnessed as never before, the rainfall looked as though it had been sliced dead straight by a knife from sky to earth, leaving seamlessly no rain on the left side of the stone wall!

As 7 and 8 year olds, a magical sight. Which encouraged us to wave outstretched arms – getting one dry and the other arm wet

Wonderment can’t be found. It finds you!

Picture of a Yorkshire stonewall and rainbow overhead, published on Dales Discoveries; and posted on

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