Memories of Hannah Hauxwell – Dales Woman (1927 – 2018)

Memories of Hannah Hauxwell, picture from Yorkshire Post, posted on

Like millions of others, I had never heard, let alone seen Hannah Hauxwell until the true story of “a daughter of the Dales” was first brought to light by the Yorkshire Post, seen through the eyes of journalist Alec Donaldson, and two years later (1973) an ITV documentary produced by Barry Cockcroft was transmitted to the nation taking Hannah to their hearts in a raw kind of way.


To have looked at Hannah Hauxwell, (then 40 something), “a true daughter of the Dales” living a life of separateness (unmarried) striving single-handed on her ancestral 80 acre farm set in The High Pennine landscape – would you have envied her homely, rosy-cheeked complexion surrounded by tousled grey hair? A solitary figure, smallish of height, dressed in a surplus army overcoat, shapeless breeches tucked into wellington boots. Would you have shaken her calloused hand warmly?


They say, beneath all that parsimonious life-style, (£250 per year) Hannah Hauxwell never forgot her country graces or deflected from her feminine lilted northern accent when she spoke about her extreme existence. It was like hearing a confession that even close friends would hesitate to share with each other.


It’s times like those when you run into human nature – and it rubs your soul raw.


Within The Yorkshire Post, Gwen Hullah's Letter to the Editor regarding: Memories of Hannah Hauxwell was included; 10 Feb 2018

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