Murder dressed in its Sunday best within 4 seasons – adapted: novel to screenplay


Uncompounded by rules –

I was in my element, for 6 months, adapting my novel into a TV screenplay – 4 episodes.

Shamelessly –

It seemed like second nature giving the novel another life and another audience, while staying true to the fictional story; rather liken to, two cart-horses harnessed together between two shafts of a field implement.

What’s the story –

Bereavement turns to revenge when a widow, her land-girl daughters and their farm-man, discover an illegitimate son has inherited half-share of landowner’s wealth. Wealth they have helped him accumulate over many, manual years. They contrive – “how best to kill him?”

To shed some light – who’s who – the main characters:

SAM ASQUITH – (72) landowner. A man cast in a mould of iron. Caught in snow blizzard on moorland. Found dead.

STELLA ASQUITH – (46) widow. Full of metal, yet eccentric. Her family and status are paramount to her well-being – with vengeance, come what may – she aims to keep it that way.

GRACE ASQUITH – (26) land-girl daughter. Strong willed. Speaks her own mind. She was evacuated from the home farm, due to bringing disgrace to old moneyed farming family – via becoming pregnant by a German Prisoner Of War. She returns home. Bitter, her soul raw.

SOPHIE ASQUITH – (22) land-girl daughter. Wholesome. Splendidly indiscreet yet winsome. She lives and loves by the light of nature.

JAKE SWALES – (65) farm-man. Stoic. Vigorous with psycho-leanings. Worked and lived at Stockdale Farms for 50 years. He was a “workhouse” inmate – sees himself – now, being ousted out of his home – the adjoining farmhouse.

Bitter in enmity, the Asquith women and Jake become enmeshed in a ruthless alliance of “how best to kill” the son of Sam.

HARRY BLETCHFORD – (25) Sophie’s latest love. A city guy with hidden grit. From being the outsider, he becomes a deadly insider.

BLANCHE – (74) Stella’s mother. As promiscuous as a snowdrop. Family adviser – one-sided peacemaker.

ABE ASQUITH – (64) Sam’s cousin. A stout man with dead-pan expression. His nature brusque, to the point of being brutal. He’s less fortunate – begrudging – as he’s not mentioned in Sam’s will.

WINNY ASQUITH – (50s) Abe’s wife. A large woman with a calm frame of mind, to be almost chilling. Deeply resentful.

FRANCIS SPENCER-ASQUITH – (42) son of Sam. A tall attractive, eloquent man, yet quietly ruthless. He has the combat skills of a survivor.

STELLA, GRACE, SOPHIE, JAKE, ABE and WINNY – between them all – they cause much tidal waves of contrition and forgiveness – sudden reversals and recriminations. Somehow – their instigated farming accidents have the unnerving knack of back-firing on themselves with precursory risks and results – killing Sam’s son proves to be a deadly game of roulette.

The adaption – seeing countrylife lived in its raw skin – title: Safe In Killer Hands – Money, Madness, Murder, setting The Dales within 4 seasons – 1947 – now transformed to screenplay – 4 episodes (each 90 minutes).

Opening Scene


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SONG: I Forgot To Forget, by ida – features with end credits of each episode – press play below to hear track …